Actiguard sterno-brace ( size 1,2 ) ( Rm 198 )
Actiguard sterno-brace ( size 1,2 ) ( Rm 198 ) BRACES & SUPPORTS Sabah, Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Kreino Sdn Bhd
Make your heart feel better
Post Cardio Thoracic Surgeries and Rib Fractures can be very painful particularly when the patient cough, sneez or while traveling. Actiguard Stero Brace is an ideal Chest Binder for Post Open Heart Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Rib Fracture. Actiguard Stem Brace enhances faster healing and reduce pain while providing comfort to the patient.
Faster Recovery: Actiguard Stem Brace can be applied to patients immediately post-surgery to help faster healing and rejoining of the chest bone or ribs.
Actiguard Stem Brace comes with a unique pulley and cord system which helps in easy operation by the patient themselves by pulling the cord handle appropriately. Patients can pull the Cord Handle to prevent exaggerated movement of Semum which may delay healing. For continuous compression, the cord handle Velcro can be fixed to any part of the Brace
Relief from Pain: Whenever the patient feels like sneezing or coughing, they can pull the cord handle to reduce the pain caused by a sudden expansion of the rib cage
Traveling: Actiguard Stema Brace is also useful when the patient returns to their routine particulty when they travel Traveling in a car or bus can cause lot of pain due to jerks and motion, where stomp brace can be fastened around the chest to get a comfortable feel
Consult your Doctor or Therapist for more information.
• Cardio Thoracic Surgery Bracing System
• Unique Pully & Cord system provide a constant and dynamic compression to chest
• Self-controlled cord for individualized adjustment to ensure optimum compression Provides firm support to prevent exaggerated chest expansion while resting & travelling
• Gives the convenience of keeping the chest compressed by fixing the Velcro
Soft ventilated material gives comfort while wearing
• Unisex

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